About Us

We are a family of 4 who loves to travel any chance we get. We also love to share our travel experiences and tips. Bob is a full time stay at home dad, full time business owner and full time dog baby sitter. (He’s a HUGE baby and a total pain but we wouldn’t trade him, or the dog either.) Nathalie is a full time tenure track faculty at a State University, full time business owner and full time mom (the kids keep us running). The kid’s are full time students who participate in a TON of extra curricular activities. Then there’s the near 100# German Shepherd. He keeps everyone entertained! You’ll normally find him anywhere you find Bob, just look for the handsome one, he isn’t wearing a ball cap and actually has hair on his head. If you see him out walking Bob at any of the home improvement centers or restaurant patios they frequent be sure to give him a treat.

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